I took the TOEFL test recently. (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

I thought I would talk here about the pros and cons I have found in this test and also about my score.

First thing, you’re going to notice when you take the TOEFL that there is going to be people in the same room as you. We were nine in my case. That is a big inconvenient even if you’re aware of it. Because when comes the speaking section you have to increase the volume of the headset so you can’t hear the others speak.
This distracts you obviously and you can’t pay attention closely to what you’re doing.

On the reading section, I made the mistake of trying to read all the first text and then doing the questions. It made me waste a lot of time and then I was in a rush for all the rest of the exam. I had read before that I shouldn’t read all the passage but I forgot when the test started…
Another thing about the reading section is that it is about really stupid subjects that you would never talk about in your every day life. You may have a whole article on fishes and what food they eat. I got an article about animals that would get out of the water and in front of the sun to heat themselves and then go back in the water. An entire article on this.

On the speaking section, at the end of the question you have only 15 seconds to prepare what you’re going to say and then 45 seconds to answer. So you don’t have time to prepare at all because you can’t prepare nothing in 15 seconds. Thus, you’ve got to answer with what you think in the moment about a subject like: “Do you like jazz? Give two reasons.”
This is another question that no one would ask you but it can be in the test.

A the end of the day, the TOEFL is not that easy which means for me that it is a good test. I personally got 90 out of 120 points. I would have liked more but this is the minimum I wanted. It is enough for a lot of big universities that generally require at least 90 points to enter.


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