Simple Way For Downloading US Only Free Apps

You can’t download everything from your domestic iTunes Store.
Some Apps are only available from the US iTunes Store.
So here I show you how to get your favorite Apps!

First Step: You Need To Create a US iTunes Account

To do this, you need to:

  • Open iTunes

If you don’t have iTunes on your Mac you can download it here.
You got Windows? No problem.
Follow the link above and scroll down to the bottom left corner until you see Get iTunes for Windows.
Click on it, download iTunes and you’re ready to go.

  • If you’re logged in with your current day-to-day account, you need to sign out

For this, just click on your name and then sign out.

sign out

  • Go to the US iTunes Store

You need to go at the bottom right corner and click on the flag icon.

french icon

You can then choose the US App Store by clicking ont the US flag.

us flag icon


  • Go to the iTunes Store and select the App Store

Click on the three dots and on Apps.

Click on the three dots and then on the Apps section

  • Select a free app and click on Get

get the app


iTunes is going to ask you to either sign in or create a new account.
You are going to create a new account, so select Create New Apple ID.

create new id

  • Then click on Continue, agree to the terms and conditions, and provide your Apple ID details.

Nothing fancy for now.
Just use an other email than your current one because the one you already have is linked to your primary account in your domestic language.

  • Then you arrive on the payment method page:

This is where instead of providing your US credit card (which you don’t have), you are going to choose the option None.


For the rest, you will be filling the billing information. You can choose a valid US address.
If you don’t know one, use Viabox.
Viabox gives you a US address and a phone number.
Just sign up for free and you will instantly get your own US address for free.
(By the way, for the First Name and Last Name, you can put whatever you want)

Then click on Create Apple ID and you’re good to go!

Second Step: Download an App!

You’ve done it!
Now just download an app on the iTunes Store on your computer!

What apps did you want to download? Is there a lot of US apps that are not available in your domestic store? Let me know!

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